The photo of a Sudan woman who can be seen chanting as a number of protesters surround her, has captured the mindspace of the world. It’s powerful. It reflects the passion in the protest but most importantly, it shows conviction. A conviction for change. The image went viral on the social media after it was tweeted. Women have been at the centre of a peaceful revolution in the country. The woman in the photo was identified by some local media and Buzzfeed as 22-year-old Alaa Salah.

The speech, undoubtedly, was powerful enough to attract thousands of people that went surrounding her.  As she ends her speech, she says, “We will not silence in the fear of an unfair agent. The fear is nothing.”

In the video that has gone viral in the last 24 hours, and also been uploaded by BBC News, she is heard chanting Thowra, which means ‘Revolution’. The scene in the photo was captured in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, on Monday during the third day of a mass sit-in outside the presidential compound and army headquarters.

The Importance Of ‘What’ She Is Wearing

Interfaith Educator Hind Makki, wrote about the dress the woman is wearing on her Twitter handle, @HindMakki

That’s The Real Woman Power: Brave And Valorous

For sometime now people have been trying to put down the regime of president Omar-Al-Bashir, considering the extreme inflation that the country is facing.  The fundamental laws in Sudan continue to oppress women, as per the report, “Criminalisation Of Women In Sudan:A Need For Fundamental Reform”. This is the main reason why since past five months, women have been leading the revolution, the peaceful one. The report recounts the experiences these women had in the stringent and oppressing justice system of Sudan.

The woman Is brave enough to stand up and raise her voice in an atmosphere that has the smell of fear and bloodshed in its air. The Revolution gained global attention after Lana H. Haroun uploaded the photo. So two ladies, one who chants revolution and fills the crowd with hope, and the other one who spreads it globally, have become a very important part of the revolution. The comments on the tweet show that the global media is now following the series of tweets by her, therefore keeping an eye on the situation in Sudan.

The Women Who Stood Up For Themselves: The Real Ideals

Women have been at the forefront of Sudanese Revolution. After the current President Omar-Al-Bashir held power in 1989, women have been threatened to the core. Being fed up with the country’s economic decline, many professionals had started a revolution against the president. But ultimately, it came to be known as the Women’s Revolution because they were the ones being threatened the most.  The most stringent laws, the more restrictive ones the president could impose, he did. There are charges against him in the International Criminal Court which include crimes against humanity and Genocide. The women’s lives changed fundamentally and hence they had to step out and revolt.

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