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How does one market one's brand? What role does communication play in the effective marketing of the brand? Throwing light on marketing hacks and brand building was a panel at the TiE Women New Horizons conference. Neha Verma of Whisskers Marketing, Economist Mitali Nikore, Puja Gupta, Co-Founder and COO of Benori Knowledge Solutions, Shaili Chopra, Founder of SheThePeople.TV, Divya Jain Bansal, Director of Oswaal Books. "Brands are not stock, they are fluid, and must develop a life of their own as they grow and evolve," said Chopra who kicked off the conversations. "They should stand for things and issues and principles. They also have a breathable life", she said.


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Divya Jain Bansal said that it is important for a brand to connect with the challenges it is dealing with. Being part of a traditional education books business she noted, her "brand deals with books but they ensure that they address the other topics related to children including stress management or career options are also covered. This helps in their brand becoming a one-time solution for all the children-related needs."

"Brands should be fluid, not stock. They should stand for things and issues and principles. They also have a breathable life" - Shaili Chopra


Mitali Nikore said marketing and brand building was an exercise in learning which meant there would be mistakes as well. "One must not be scared of making mistakes. We should ask a lot of questions to ourselves. Once we have answers, we can get results", she said.


Puja Gupta added on the fact that placing the customer at the center is of utmost importance for brand building. "We have to constantly try to understand their problems and offer solutions. A potential client is at the center of our communication.", she shared. The panelists agreed to the fact that social media was a game-changer for brands these days. "We can't use a one size fits all strategy since different social media platforms work for different target audiences," they pointed out.


The discussion moved to how one should go about selecting a company or partner for social media, marketing and communications. Chopra said that it is important for us to build trust with people we work with. "Sometimes, very basic companies can deliver great results because they do what you are looking for. At the end of the day, we must remember that our funds are very precious and we must use them wisely." She added, "It's been to be a very important client to a small company than an insignificant client to a big company."

"When it comes to marketing, raising not just one hand but both the hands is important." - Shaili Chopra

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