Looks like the Monkey Man is back. But this time in the disguise of a Braid Cutter — someone who chops off women’s braids! Over 12 women from Rajasthan and Haryana have reported cases of mysterious chopping of their braids within the last two weeks. The latest casualty is a woman from Gurugram.

“While I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, I saw a thin man in a red and yellow outfit on the main entrance of my house,” –  Sunita Devi

It has been reported that a woman approached the Gurugram police on Saturday (July 29), alleging that a “strange looking” man had attacked her after which she lost consciousness and fell to the ground. When she woke up, she reportedly found that her hair braid had been chopped off. PTI has reported a string of such cases in the past few days across villages in Mewat region and in parts of Rajasthan. However, the police believe that some cases might be mere rumours.

“While I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, I saw a thin man in a red and yellow outfit on the main entrance of my house. When I went to enquire, I saw he was carrying a trident. I told him to go away. He went away and disappeared … when I closed the gate, he mysteriously reappeared,” PTI quoted a resident of Ashok Vihar phase-III, Sunita Devi, as saying. She added that she was attacked on Friday night and the man looked like he was in his 60s. She recollected that she fell unconscious after the attack.

“When I regained consciousness, I found myself lying on the floor and my braid was chopped off,” she says. However, she accepts that it cannot be a case of robbery as her house was untouched and everything was in place. Her attacker also did not hurt Sunita.

While the police are investigating the matter, they don’t consider it a criminal case.

“We have enhanced night patrolling in the area,” Gurugram Police PRO Ravinder Kumar told PTI.

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“We are examining CCTV footage…to get clues as no one, including the victims, has concrete evidence,” Mr Kumar says.

“In all cases, the victims fall unconscious…and all of them are claiming phantasm,” he adds.

However, the Mewat Deputy Commissioner Mani Ram Sharma is certain that the case will meet its conclusion soon. But until then, women are advised to tie their hair in a bun and not braids.

“There is nothing like ghosts…some anti-social gang or group is trying to create panic in the region. Police and administration have beefed up vigil and security and have urged residents and villagers not to spread rumours,” Sharma said, NDTV reported.

Picture credit- The Box

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