Born Without Hands, Pune Girl Scores 66% In HSC Exam

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A lot of heart-warming stories of female students succeeding in exams despite obstacles have come to the fore. But one story that deserves praise is that of Laxmi Sanjay Shinde. Born without hands, Laxmi used her feet to write during the exam and managed to secure 66% marks. She had appeared for her Std 12 exams (HSC) conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.


Laxmi is a student of Walchand College of Arts and Science, Solapur. She resides in the Shivaji Nagar area of Solapur city. She was provided with a writer for the exam, but she was determined to write with her feet.

"Yes, I come from a low-income family, live in a small house and cannot afford to join a coaching class," she told Hindustan Times. She brushed aside her obstacles as minor when it came to achieving her dreams.

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She also mentioned that her parents are her inspiration and deserve credit for her success.

Laxmi's father, an autorickshaw driver, drove her to school daily. He shares, “We (he and his wife) are both illiterate. We cannot send her for coaching classes because of our low income.’’ He added that the family was waiting for some kind of government aid in view of Laxmi's achievement.

This is not the first time that Laxmi wrote an exam with her feet and cleared it. She had written the computer literacy exam, MS-CIT, in the past


Talking about her interests and future plans, she says, " I like Sanskrit, social science and Marathi subjects. I have now started preparing for my civil services exams by joining a coaching class in Solapur."

Besides nurturing the dream of becoming an IAS officer, she also wants five of her siblings to receive quality education. "I will work hard and assist my parents," she says.

Girls like Laxmi are a blessing for Indian society. Their determination to succeed despite all odds are truly inspiring.

Picture credit: Hindustan Times

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