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With each passing day, the definition of beauty undergoes a change. The boundaries are blurring and the beauty industry seems to finally be accepting change with arms wide open. Cosmetics giant Maybelline joins the bandwagon by introducing its first male star as the face of one of its campaigns.


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Just a few months after Covergirl featured James Charles Dickinson as its first male on the cover page, Maybelline has roped in 'beauty boy' Manny Gutierrez to star in the campaign alongside beauty blogger Shayla Mitchell. Manny Gutierrez has over two million subscribers on YouTube and a whopping 3 million followers on Instagram.

"Honestly I couldn't be more honoured thrilled," he posted on Instagram, "Thank you to Maybelline for taking a chance on me!"

The 'beauty boy' movement has become prominent with more boys with interest in makeup taking to social media to vlog. These boys are shattering stereotypes, experimenting with make-up, and doing it in style.

Gutierrez in an interview to Marie Claire said that he would steal his mother's lipstick to play with it.


"I wanted to play with eyeliner and makeup while other boys were playing with G.I. Joes," he said. "So it was kind of tough for me because I didn't really understand why I wanted to play with the 'girl' things rather than the 'boy' things."

manny gutierrez Photo Credit: Malay Mail Online

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Manny Gutierrez's fans stand testimony to the fact that he is one of the best, but he has faced his share of criticism and disapproval. He worked at makeup counters while attending school and always got straight A's in his school. But his parents still disapproved of his work.

"They were just like, 'If you're doing this makeup online, how do you feel like medical schools are going to be? Do you think they're going to accept you into medical school? They didn't understand then that it was my creative freedom," he told Marie Claire.

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James Charles Dickinson, who was featured on Covergirl, says it was a big argument with his parents when he had to explain his passion.

He told Marie Claire," My parents started questioning me about whether or not I was transgender—whether or not I was trying to be a woman. It was a big argument." "It took a lot of thorough conversations to explain that it's an art form for me. I'm still confident as a boy and I will always be a boy. I can be confident with bare skin and with a full face."

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