Chennai Cops Release Advisory on Blue Whale Challenge

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Blue Whale Challenge, a game which had caused a furore among young children and adolescents, has come under the lens for jeopardizing the safety of the participants. In a bid to discourage children to fall in the game's trap, Chennai police have issued an advisory to parents to monitor their kids’ social media activity.


In the advisory, the police mention that the internet game “instructs its participants, mostly teenagers, to carry out 50 dangerous tasks, the final challenge being committing suicide."

The advisory talks about the social validation that teenagers and young adults look forward to which compels them to resort to such drastic measures.

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It warned parents to safeguard their children from becoming potential victims of this harmful game. It recognised certain behaviour like long lonely online hours, late night surfing, shirking family members as susceptible as warning signs. They must keep an eye on their social media activities.

It also appealed to the parents to spend quality time with them and encourage them to play outside.

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Mohua Gupta, an editor and a mother of two,spoke to SheThePeople.TV expressing her fears about the same.

“The Blue Whale game suicide incident is shocking to say the least. As the mother of a 6-and-half-year-old and a toddler and living in a nuclear family, I know that mobile phones are a necessary evil. We do monitor what the kids are watching on YouTube or the games being downloaded. But I can’t say how watchful I will be once they are a little older," she shared.

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Facebook posts warning parents against the game going viral.

A Delhi-based woman recently shared a Facebook Post about how she confronted her seven-year-old niece after she downloaded the game. Her post has gone viral and collected over 45,500 shares.



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