Comic Debut: Marvel’s Shuri No Longer In Black Panther's Shadow

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Shuri, Marvel universe’s most accomplished female character, is finally out from Black Panther’s shadow. She is all set to make a debut in a standalone comic book.  


Celebrated as a heroine

Shuri will feature in the standalone series and will be independently introduced to the audience. The film, which released earlier this year, came out to be one of the biggest blockbusters this year.

Writer Reginald Hudlin and artist John Romita Jr. created the character. Shuri is a princess of the fictional African kingdom of Wakanda. Daughter of T'Chaka, she plays younger sister to T'Challa, who is the king of Wakanda and the Black Panther. She has a genius level intellect alongside her brother T’Challa.

Marvel announced Shuri’s independent series in July. Penned by award-winning Nigerian-American science fiction author Nnedi Okorafor, the first book in the series will be available on October 17.

The genius of Shuri

She is a genius who creates highly advanced vibranium-based technology, including her brother’s superhero suit, in her lab. In the film, she plays a formidable fighter in her own right. Her inventions and her willingness to negotiate with an adversarial tribe save Wakanda. Actor Letitia Wright plays the character.


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“I wanted girls who read the book to feel as empowered as boys,” the film’s producer told Vulture. “So, I wanted her to be smart and tough and brave and everything you think of as a Black Panther, so that eventually she would be a Black Panther as well.”

Shuri plays an ambitious and complex character in the comic book. In the story, she rebels against her family’s wishes. She is also seen trying to enter the hand-to-hand combat ritual, which is used to choose the Wakandan ruler and the next Black Panther.

Okorafor, through the independent series, plans to restore Shuri’s edge and her power.

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