“Don’t Touch Me, I Am A Man”, BJP Leader Suvendu Adhikari Yells At Female Cop

BJP Leader Suvendu Adhikari Yells At Female Cop
Bharatiya Janta Party politician Suvendu Adhikari was seen yelling at a female cop to not lay a hand on him at recent protest staged at Nabanna in West Bengal on tuesday. A protest soon turned violent, wherein police came to escort politician to police van. During the heckling, Adhikari was approached by a female cop to escort him towards the police van and the reaction he gave was a pure display of sexism.

On being detained by a female cop, Suvendu Adhikari reportedly shouted, “Don’t touch me, you’re a woman” and “Don’t touch me, I am a male” and asked for male police officers to come and talk to him and called himself a ‘law abiding citizen’. Later, Akash Magharia, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) was seen escorting him to the police van.

The leader of the opposition in West Bengal Legislative Assembly has been organising state-wide protests against Mamata Banerjee’s government. He made serious allegations on Banerjee’s government for increasing corruption in the state. The members and leaders of BJP started their march towards the State Secretariat of West Bengal called Nabanna situated in Howrah.

The march came to known as “Nabanna Cholo”, ended up becoming a violent clash between the protesters and the police squads. The protesters were stopped near Hasting’s Police Training School. The area had barricades put up to block the protesters to reach the Secretariat and the police started detaining members and leaders.

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BJP Leader Suvendu Adhikari Yells At Female Cop, Issues Clarification Statement

When the incident became a viral matter and garnered public criticism, Adhikari released a statement saying that he respects women and that’s why he did not retort during detention by the female cop. He said, “I see Maa Durga in the eyes of every woman” justifying his behaviour during the protest. Taking a dig at Suvendu Adhikari, Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress shared the video of the incident on social media and said, “(BJP’s)56-inch chest model busted”.

The incident shed light on the treatment of female police officers by not only the common public but also the leading faces of the society that claim to bring a change in society.