Details Regarding $145 Bn Fortune Split Between Bill Gates And Melinda Emerge

Details regarding the splitting of the $145 Billion fortune between Bill and Melinda Gates has emerged.

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Details regarding the the splitting of the $145 billion fortune between Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have emerged. Cascade Investment which is a holding company created by Bill Gates along with Microsoft Corp. transferred securities worth more than $1.8 billion to Melinda. This is according to the U.S. regulatory filings dated May 3. The shift comprised about $1.5 billion of Canadian National Railway Co. shares and more than $300 million of AutoNation Inc. stock.


"As uncomfortable as it is, their personal relationship is going to have huge consequences for where the money goes," said Benjamin Soskis, senior research associate at the Urban Institute's Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy. Soskis also added that The Gates Foundation is extremely influential not only in terms of its grants and assets.

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Bill Melinda Fortune Split: According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, it would be more difficult to carve up the $145 billion fortune.

87.3 million shares of Cascade Investment belong to Bill Gates

One of the ex-couple's biggest asset is the Cascade Investment which has transferred 14.1 million shares to Melinda, and has 87.3 million shares belonging to Bill Gates.


Besides that, they also live in Washington, which is a community property state. This means that anything acquired during the marriage period will be equally owned by both Bill and Melinda Gates. Janet George, a family lawyer said that the split of the property between Bill and Melinda won't necessarily be 50-50.

It is also said that the real details regarding the division of their wealth may never come out, as most of it has been hidden behind their private contracts.

As far as the Gates Foundation is concerned, many philanthropic experts feel that the splitting up of the foundation would be too difficult to imagined. They revealed that both Bill and Melinda Gates might pursue their separate goals within the foundation itself.

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda had issued a joint statement about their divorce on May 5.

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