Bihar Woman Alleges Molestation In Hospital While Caring For COVID-19 Positive Husband

Bihar Woman Alleges Molestation,chittoor gas leak
Bihar Woman Alleges Molestation: A woman from the Bhagalpur district in Bihar has alleged that she was sexually harassed by the staff of the hospital where she was getting her COVID-19 positive husband treated.

In a heart-wrenching video, that has been shared on social media, a woman can be seen narrating her ordeal.

The woman reportedly fought for about a month making efforts to keep her husband alive, sadly he succumbed to the disease at a private hospital in Patna.

In the video shared, the woman can be seen saying that she came to Bihar from Noida with her husband in March to celebrate Holi. Her husband fell ill on April 11 and got himself tested for the virus, but the results were negative. However, after getting a chest CT done on the suggestion of a doctor from Noida, the infection was found in his lungs.

Bihar Woman Alleges Molestation: Sexually Harassed At Hospital

The woman’s husband and her mother were admitted to Glocal Hospital in Bhagalpur. She accused the hospital of negligence and has also alleged that she was sexually harassed at the hospital by an attendant whom she had asked for help.

The woman said, she realised that someone was pulling her dupatta while she was talking to her husband in the hospital. Seeing this, her mother started shouting. When the woman turned back, the attendant from the hospital was smiling with his hand on her waist. “I snatched the dupatta, but couldn’t say anything because I was afraid,” said the woman.

She also said that she was afraid that if she raised an alarm, he would do something to her mother or husband. The man returned to her and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care.”

Medical Negligence

She claimed many attendants of the hospital were missing and refused to give her husband medicines. She also alleged that he would signal for water as his condition worsened, but was not given any.

The woman also said that her husband was referred to Mayaganj after her husband’s condition worsened, and alleged that the doctors at the Bhagalpur Government hospital refused to attend to her husband and denied giving him oxygen. She also said that the doctors and other staff at Mayaganj would turn off the lights in their rooms and watch movies on their phones.

Her husband was further moved from Mayaganj to Rajeshwar Hospital in Patna. She said that she wanted to get her husband to Delhi via air but his deteriorating condition did not allow it.

The woman accused the hospital of negligence saying that the hospital cut her husband’s oxygen supply hence she was forced to buy oxygen cylinders from the black market. She also alleged that the hospital sold an oxygen cylinder for Rs 50,000 each.

Appealing to people in the video, she asked people to not trust hospitals, saying that she did not lose her husband to the virus but medical negligence.

Bihar is one of the worst affected states during the second wave of COVID-19. The number of deaths reported in the state on Monday went 75, raising the total death toll to 3,357. The total number of confirmed cases across the state has already crossed the six-lakh mark.