Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta's Mother Opens Up About Her Differences With Him

"Fights take place in every family and it is totally okay," said Vikas Gupta's mother in an interview.

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Vikas Gupta's mother

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Vikas Gupta's mother Sharda Gupta reacted to her son's allegations that she is 'eyeing his property' recently. She said that she wants her son to  "forget everything and move on happily in life". This comes after Vikas Gupta made shocking claims about his feud with his family on the reality show, alleging that his parents always comply with him in public as they "want his property." 

Sharda Gupta told Times of India, "Fights take place in every family and it is totally okay. Nevertheless, I want to meet my son and surprise him. It’s just that I want him to forget everything and move on happily in life and not come under anybody’s influence," she said. 

Sharda Gupta also reacted to contestant Arshi Khan's claims of having personal conversations with her in the interview. Khan alleged that she had spoken to Vikas Gupta's mother about her strained relationship with her son. However, Sharda Gupta refuted these claims by saying that she only had a non-personal conversation with Arshi two-and-a-half years ago. 

Arshi Khan had earlier claimed on the show that Vikas Gupta had 'abandoned his mother' and that he doesn't take care of her. She further alleged that Sharda Gupta had called her up and said that her son doesn't speak to her anymore. Khan also claimed that Vikas Gupta's mother needs ₹50,000 for her medicines. 

Vikas Gupta, however, had responded to Khan's claims, saying, “I asked them to sell our house in Dehradun, and instead of giving me my share, just use it for her treatment. I had no other option, I had loans amounting to ₹1.8 crore!”  

Speaking to another contestant on Bigg Boss 14, Aly Goni, Gupta said that his parents had clearly told him that they would not be able to claim his property if they try to challenge him in public. 

Vikas Gupta Claimed That His Mother And Brother Were Against His Sexual Orientation 

Previously, Vikas Gupta had claimed that his mother and brother had disowned him after he revealed that he was 'bisexual.' He said that they were embarrassed with his sexual orientation. As per Sharda Gupta, although they had distanced themselves from Vikas, they were never against his sexual orientation. She said that this was a  'complete hoax fabricated to one's convenience'. 

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