Bidisha De Majumdar Dies By Suicide, Friends Say She Was Depressed Because Of Boyfriend

Who is Bidisha De Majumdar, bidisha de majumdar
Bidisha De Majumdar, a model-turned-actor, was found hanging at her flat in the Nagerbazar area of Kolkata. The 21-year-old actor has been living in a rented apartment in the area with her parents for the past four months. The body of the deceased actor was recovered from the flat on Wednesday evening.

Reportedly, her body was recovered by the police after they broke open the main door to the house. A probe has been initiated by the police in order to investigate if the incident was a murder or a suicide. Her family, close acquaintances and friends have been questioned by the cops, in order to gather the information.

While the body of the deceased has been sent for autopsy to the RG Kar Hospital. Media reports have stated that the actor was in a relationship with a person named Anubhab Bera. Her friends also told the media that she was allegedly unhappy in the relationship and was allegedly depressed.

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Bidisha De Majumdar

Reportedly, the police have also found a suicide note in the flat of the actor and probe is going on. The actor had recently made her debut in the industry by starring in Anirbed Chattopadhyay’s short film titled Bhaar- The Clown. The film also had Debraj Mukherjee playing a pivotal role.

She had been doing modelling for the past four years with a fairly good income, as per reports. Apart from fashion shoots, she also took part in events. The relatives of the actor informed Ananda Bazar about the actor’s stable income and the fact that her work took away time from her studies.

Reportedly, unnamed sources told the news media organisation that the deceased actor was allegedly suffering from depression and had fainting spells several days before the incident took place. The local news organisation also reported that she had some menstrual issues and had visited a doctor, who had advised her to get a sonography done. Reportedly, she did not have the time to treat it as she was allegedly under work pressure.

Feature Image Credit: Ananda Bazar