A verse from the Bible printed on the back of a truck in Virginia, US, has stirred quite a few emotions.

It reads a verse from the bible from 1 Corinthians 14:34, which says, “Women shall be silent and submissive”. Along with that reads a message saying. “Read your bible” and “God said it. Believe it” It also includes three crosses and a Jesus fish.

The picture of the truck has gone viral and sparked a lot of debate. Believers say that everything has to be talked about in context and that the bible cannot be taken out of context and just read.

The truck owner, Tom Hicks said that he is an atheist and he wanted people to see how “offensive” the bible can be. “The reason I put this particular message on, I want people to read the Bible, I want them to see this message and say is that true,” he told WTVR-TV

A pastor named Joey Anthony commented that Hicks had taken the quote out of context and read it as it is. He said that the same verse also contained writings that said that husbands should love their wives unconditionally just like Christ loved the church unconditionally.

Tom Hick’s  truck scripture might have gone viral, but it has not been met with a warm reception. Hicks said many fellow drivers have mouthed obscenities at him. It is not as easy to interpret the Bible without any context. Holy books have been known to contain controversial statements, especially about women and their role in the society, but it is not as simple as just reading them as they are. They are to be interpreted in wider context only then they make better sense.

Pic credits: fox13news.com

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