Bhopal: Elderly Women In This Village Participate In Race To Send Message Against Open Defecation

Bhopal Women Open Defecation
Bhopal Women Open Defecation: In a bid to discourage open defecation among daughters-in-law, mothers-in-law in Phanda village of Madhya Pradesh participated in a unique race organised by the Bhopal district administration. The race, called Lota Daud, raised awareness about open defecation among people. It saw 18 mothers-in-law running with a water pot in their hands. They didn’t want their daughters-in-law to go through the same problems that they went through.

Vikas Mishra, CEO, Zila Panchayat, Bhopal said that the mothers-in-law have got the toilets made at home and the government is arranging for water. They say that their daughters-in-law will go to the bathroom inside the house and lead their lives with respect, as per a report.

How was the winner decided?

The water was decided on the basis of the amount of water left in the pot after the race. after they reached the finishing point, they had to throw away the pot sending the message that women in the village should no longer carry these water pots for defecation in the open.

It is good to see women striving hard to introduce changes in their area ensuring well-being of all. Bindu RD is another 26-year-old woman living in Davanagere district of Karnataka who has taken the onus of building roads in her village on herself. She sent an email to the Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on September 9 telling him that she won’t  get hitched until roads are built in her village. According to her, if she gets married and leaves her district, there will be no one to fight for the rights of the people living there. Her mail prompted the Administrative officials of the district to visit her place. She was also assured her that construction work would be started soon. Read more about her here.

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