10 Bhopal Gas Tragedy Women Survivors Go On Hunger Strike

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bhopal gas tragedy women survivors
10 Bhopal Gas Tragedy women survivors have gone on a hunger strike in Madhya Pradesh, as reported by Asian News International. The objective of the strike is to achieve transparency on the survivor count. 

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy took place in India 39 years back in 1984. It was considered to be India’s first major industrial catastrophe where more than 30 tonnes of methyl isocyanate had escaped UCIL’s pesticide factory. As per official counts, it proved fatal to more than 15,000 people and adversely affected over 60,000 workers. People have been purported to run on the streets throwing up and dying. Trees had gone barren and bloated animal carcasses were frequently disposed of. Some survivors still remain adversely affected by this tragedy. 

Details Of Hunger Strike Of The Bhopal Gas Tragedy Women Survivors 

The women have been reported to have started what is said to be an indefinite hunger strike since Friday. They have been insisting that the correct figures of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy survivors be provided to the Supreme Court by the Centre and the state government. 

The strike is taking place in Neelam Park in Bhopal. ANI received inputs from Rachna Dhingra who works as a social worker for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims. Conveying the sentiments of the survivors on strike, this is what Rachna Dhingra said

"We will neither drink water nor eat food. We have only one demand, which is that the Union government and the Madhya Pradesh government put out correct figures of Bhopal gas tragedy victims -- those who died and those still undergoing treatment -- before the Supreme Court." 

"These women are not seeking compensation from the government. All they want is that the central and state governments come out with correct data on the number of deaths and survivors still suffering from the after-effects before the apex court," she stated.


"The Central government has said that 93 per cent of the victims did not suffer any harm and they have only been given Rs 25,000 each as compensation. Hospital records and ICMR research records show that even today, the victims are suffering from different diseases. Union Carbide's own documents show that once someone is exposed to MIC (Methyl isocyanate) gas, he will suffer from it for a lifetime even if he gets immediate treatment," the social worker conveyed.

"Now, after several years, the matter will come up for hearing in the Supreme Court again on January 10, 2023. It is a historic opportunity for the central government to take the right call. The BJP governments at the Centre and states should make sure that correct data is released and Union Carbide and Dow Chemical are penalised," Dhingra added.

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