In a horrific incident, a two-day-old girl was found stabbed with a screwdriver over 100 times. Her body was wrapped in a shawl and dumped beside a temple in Bhopal’s Ayodhya Nagar. The details of this brutal murder are below (trigger warning).

What you should know:

  • This is the third case of a female child being killed in Bhopal over the last few weeks.
  • The police thought that someone abandoned the girl next to the temple, and animals might have injured her. But autopsy results revealed she was stabbed with a screwdriver at least a hundred times.
  • On unwrapping the infant, it was found to be punctured throughout. Ayodhya Nagar SHO Renu Murab told TOI that even the police officials were appalled to look at the grisly sight of this atrocious crime.
  • A case of murder has been registered by the police
  • The police is scanning the CCTV cameras of the area for investigation, and they’ve not identified the baby girl yet.


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