Beyonce Daughter To Witness Birth Of Twin Siblings

Pop star couple Beyonce and Jay Z want their daughter Blue Ivy to be present in the delivery room when the Lemonade singer gives birth to her twins. The pop singer and her husband are expecting twins in the coming days.

According to the Indian Express, a source said, “They’re worried that their daughter might feel left out when the twins arrive, so they’re trying to make sure she feels involved every step of the way.”

Since the time she announced she was expecting twins with her rapper husband Jay Z, the pop star has been posting photos on her official website Beyonce.com. While in some, she is wearing lingerie, many are topless photos and some even black and white and nude shots. Many photos were even set in a floral background and showed her embracing a large baby bump. The caption read, “I have three hearts”.

Apart from Beyonce’s pictures, some also included her five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy along with poems on motherhood. These photos were made public after her surprise announcement about her pregnancy on social media.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper that the couple is quite worried that their daughter might feel left out after the birth of the twins in the family.

The couple has even bought a child’s nurse uniform designed by French label Givenchy for Blue Ivy.

According to the Daily Mail, the Halo hitmaker’s mother Tina Lawson previously said she ‘can’t wait’ for the arrival of her new grandchildren in the world.

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