'Beta Marriages' Are Redefining Matrimony for Millennials

Malvika Shah
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Marriage is up for a redefinition. Yup even in India. From celebrating singlehood, single-parenthood to love marriages and beta marriages, relationships are uncovering a new generation. For most young people, their marriages are far from what their parents' were. Commitment levels are different, there are cases of digital betrayal, there is a different level of independence and individuality among urban couples?


“Arranged marriage?" Young women would rather not be married than marry a stranger. "I would prefer love marriage any day” says Neha Shah, 18 year old, Mithibai student. Some consider the idea to be something old fashioned, while some have mixed views. They find the entire concept of marrying and living with a stranger very absurd. For them loving a person is very important before committing for marriage.

“Arranged marriage?" Young women would rather not be married than marry a stranger.

Enter Beta Marriages. Millennials like to be in a test marriage for few years before committing to “till death do us apart”. It is like a trial period, where you can prospect how your married life will be and then depending upon your experience can decide to go further or part ways. They prefer this because this would involve less paper work in case you didn’t work out. You could say they are 'beta-testing' their relationship.

The arranged marriage trend isn't dead though. Some yet find it a back up option, suitable especially after relationships that have gone sour. Avani Sanghani, a Mumbai based entertainment journalist says “ I don’t know, I am so bad with choosing guys almost all my past relationships are a proof of that, I’ll probably settle for someone whom my parents choose, but again I am afraid what if it didn’t work out?”

Some are beta-testing their relationship

Parita Shah, a CA in making at Mithibai college says “Is marriage compulsory? Like I don’t want to get married but if my parents force I’ll marry someone they choose”


Yash Mehta, MBA aspirant, and a BAF graduate says “ I’ll believe in knowing the partner before committing, even if it’s arranged marriage I will need a long courtship period before deciding on getting hitched.” Anukal Jain, Udaipur-based chartered accountant says “I would love to marry someone I love but if I don’t find someone I will obviously settle for arranged marriage”

So millennial have mixed views. While for some they have to settle, for others it’s an adventure.

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