Our Favourite Couples From Netflix Comedy Web-Series And Why We Root For Them

Best sitcom couples
Best sitcom couples: OTT may be the last place where one might go looking for relationship goals. However, modern love needs modern inspiration. We no longer live in a world where a Simran needs Bauji’s blessing to live happily ever after with her Raj.

Girls no longer aspire to be Cinderellas or Rapunzels, waiting to be rescued by their Prince Charming (although we can get on board with the relationship goals set by the recent animated and live-action takes on these age-old fairytales). Hell, even Aditya’s selfless love for Geet from Jab We Met feels a tad outdated today.

Times are tough, dating lives have gone to garbage bins amidst the pandemic. OTT has been our best escape during COVID-19, helping us wait out lockdowns and also giving us some food for thought. So why not look at web-series when it comes to relationships and plan our future goals. Comedy is the go-to genre for a lot of us in these stressful times. It is also the least likely place you may look when it comes to relationship goals. But guess what, wisdom comes in all shapes, sizes and genres.

So here are three sitcom couples on Netflix who set relationship goals:

Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Amy’s relationship starts off for us with childish bets and what could only be described as an eighth grader’s reaction to attraction, with constant teasing and denial. Yes, Jake’s below the belt jokes can get on your nerves on most days, but through the series we see him evolve into a such a great partner for Amy.

best couples netflix

Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake encourage his girlfriend to take an exam which would promote her over him, he leaves his apartment to move in with Amy. Jake (Andy Samberg) also listens to Amy (Melissa Fumero) emphatically when she talks about her experience with sexual harassment at the workplace, something we expect all men to do. Jake and Amy bring out the best in each other, and isn’t this what every couple should aspire to do?

David and Patrick- Schitt’s Creek

David and Patrick have blessed us with perhaps the most romantic moments in the web-series universe, with the latter serenading his “beau” with his rendition of Simply the Best, leaving David stunned and viewers mesmerised. A total diva, when you think of David (Daniel Levy), you expect him to fall for a flamboyant person who has a knack for drama. Patrick (Noah Reid) is anything but that, a guy of numbers, he is your everyday guy next door who works a 9 to 5 job and would fly under your radar for being too “regular”.

best couples netflix

David and Patrick in Schitt’s Creek

David and Patrick’s relationship is a major breakthrough in portrayal of same-sex relationships on screen because irrespective of your sexuality you find yourself rooting for them. Perfect couple goals.

Chandler and Monica- FRIENDS

Move over Ross and Rachel’s toxic on-again-off-again love, we are here for the sense of comfort and stability that Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler’s relationship brings to the screen. Yes, FRIENDS has many problems that cannot be overlooked in 2021, but even today, Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica’s relationship cuts across the show’s datedness and seems relatable.

best couples netflix

Monica and Chandler

One of the reasons could be that over the course of the series, we see their friendship and love evolve into wholesome commitment. We see them take on a long-distance relationship, career change and struggles with fertility. Struggles are what define a relationship, not love and affection. Perhaps that’s the reason why we love to root for team Mondler as we see two individuals transition from 20 something friends to well-settled adults who are figuring out life as they go. Couple goals much?

Credit for all images: Netflix