Bengaluru Traffic: Netizens Fume As School Kids Return Home At Night

On September 27, Bengaluru traffic took a big toll on Bengaluru citizens. The crisis escalated to such an extent that a large percentage of school kids returned home at night.

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Sep 28, 2023 16:58 IST
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On September 27, the traffic in Bengaluru took a big toll on its citizens. The crisis escalated to such an extent that a large percentage of school kids returned home at night. 


The traffic jam was nothing less than a horror for people stuck for hours, netizens share their experiences. 

Bengaluru Traffic Crisis 

Bengaluru experienced an unusual traffic jam on its tech corridor, the Outer Ring Road (ORR) on Wednesday between Silk Road and Tin Factory as commuters reported being stuck for more than five hours in the slow-moving traffic claiming their vehicle did not move even an inch for several hours. 

The traffic alert on the route is usually 197 but, on September 27, the congestion was staggering at around 1609 and the traffic was twice the usual with the vehicle count exceeding the usual of 1.2 to 2 lakhs to 3.9 lakhs according to the statement by police authorities. 

The traffic police also said that some major reasons for the traffic jams include waterlogging, metro construction, people leaving the town due to the long weekend, and employees attending the office after the Bengaluru bandh. 

The severe traffic prompted traffic police to issue an advisory for IT companies to delay the logout timings as the traffic affected the tech employees the most, the joint commissioner of Police (Bengaluru Traffic) MN Anucheth and his team were on ORR clearing the traffic. However, netizens were disappointed by the response and felt like blaming the citizens. 


One netizen criticised the traffic police's statement highlighting the city's lack of public transport, terrible roads, and poor planning claiming that their children returned home at 9 pm. 

Other parents also confirmed the claims by sharing screenshots on social media that school children returned home around 8-9 pm as parents worried about their kids. 


Trevor Noah's Show Cancelled

South African stand-up comedian and writer, Trevor Noah's show was cancelled due to some 'technical glitch' as the audience couldn't hear him during the performance. Noah expressed his disappointment on his X account apologising to fans, while fans criticised organisers for mismanagement. 

As some citizens were stuck in the ORR traffic jam, they sold their tickets on Instagram/X, while other fans claimed they reached 4-5 hours early at the venue. 


Several other netizens took a fun dig at the incident claiming Bengaluru gave the comedian a lifetime of jokes to use on stage. 

Dominos Fullfiling 30-Minutes Promise As Bengaluru Choked

Stuck in traffic which was double the volume of the usual, Bengaluru citizens ordered Dominos pizza delivery at random nearby locations and appreciated their services as their delivery agents tracked live locations and delivered the order navigating through the heavy traffic jam. 

The user shared his experience on X, while another user joked, saying "Next time I am booking a massage for the Urban Company." 

Citizens Stuck In Traffic For 3-5 hours

The Bengaluru traffic horror struck citizens badly as people stuck in the traffic claimed that it took 1.5 hours for them to reach home which was visible to them from the distance they were stuck, while other user shared their experiences of how their spouses returned home 3-4 hours late that usually takes 15 minutes.

Others took a comic turn lighting the situation as the users created memes on the Bengaluru traffic. 

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