Bengaluru Society Asks Maids To Not Use Common Area: Twitter Erupts

A tweet recently came to light where a Bengaluru housing society asked domestic helpers not to utilise public spaces like parks, amphitheatres, and gazebos while they were waiting between jobs.

Aastha Dhillon
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Many gated communities in Indian cities have discriminatory policies, such as separate elevators for domestic and service personnel. Recently, another example of these tactics was brought to light in a tweet.

The tweet includes a note purportedly from a Bengaluru housing society asking domestic helpers not to utilise public spaces like parks, amphitheatres, and gazebos while waiting between jobs. Instead, the wording advises maids to utilise the waiting rooms. 

Residents feel uneasy when maids are present everywhere, according to the text, security is unable to keep an eye on communal spaces. Additionally, the major tweet stated that plumbers, carpenters and cooks sit on the sofa at the building reception. Most of us have probably given up using the couches by now.

Restrictions Of Maids Make Netizens Angry 

Many Twitter users said in the comments that these “diktats” are frequently justified in the name of security but are really based on erroneous prejudices that view people from the lower income group as criminals or filthy and hence unable to coexist in public areas with the elites.

A Twitter user who shared this opinion commented that how dare they sit and walk in our communal places!! The effluent can eat the meal they cook, will live in the house they clean, and can put their kids in their care. Another illustration of the favoured class in Indian society's classism and casteism. Another individual commented that please name the society so that we may avoid it at least.

Additionally, examples of how military personnel are treated with the same dignity as everyone else in modern cultures were provided. One more Twitter user mentioned that in the US cafeteria of his former firm, janitors and other support personnel were seated, used, respected, and served much like a CEO would have, even when there are open chairs in the cafeteria at his current workplace, he observed cleaners and janitors standing and drinking tea. 

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