Bengaluru Man Held For Filming Women In IT Office Washroom

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A man named Parmesh has been identified by the Bengaluru cops for filming women techies using washrooms in an IT company in HAL. The company has about 2,000 employees working there. The 22-year-old accused, who worked at the food court, had apparently fixed a mobile phone to shoot the women when they went inside the washroom.

“Parmesh installed the mobile phone in a toilet on the fourth floor of the building. There are two toilets inside the ladies section with a partition separating them. There is a one feet gap between the floor and the partition,” the police said, reported The New Indian Express.

Parmesh was caught red-handed on Monday (June 5) when he entered one of the toilets to keep the phone, completely ignoring the fact that a woman was there inside another toilet. He left his mobile phone with the camera switched on between the floor and the divider.

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“The woman saw the mobile phone and grew suspicious. She alerted the security guard, who tried opening the door of the toilet, but it was locked from inside. The security guard nabbed Parmesh finally when he opened the door, but he managed to escape,” police said. It has been found that he allegedly ran to his house to delete the other videos that he had recorded earlier.

Police later arrested Parmesh and are interrogating him. “We have seized his phone and have sent it to the cyber forensics wing to retrieve the deleted files. We have booked him under relevant sections of IPC and IT Act,” said a police officer.

Cases of women being recorded on video without their knowledge needs to be dealt as a grave issue and cracked down with an iron hand.

Picture credit- Chicago Tonight