Bengal: Couple Organises Blood Donation Instead of Wedding Feast

Bengal couple blood donation

This Bengal Couple Organises Blood Donation on their wedding day. When Bengal-based Sandip Roy, 31 and Sreela Mondal, 25, decided to get hitched on Feb 8, a big fat Indian wedding was definitely not on their minds. Instead, the couple organised a blood donation camp where the couple and other guests donated blood.

The idea behind the initiative

The couple was aware of the fact that Bengal faces a shortage of blood every summer. This reality compelled them to organise such a camp. This was also their endeavour to contribute in a small way and propagate the message of the need to donate blood.  The bride and groom invoked their friends and close relatives that instead of wedding gifts they donate blood at the camp to celebrate their wedding.

“Considering that every summer West Bengal faces a crisis in supply of blood, I was thinking of doing something since the marriage was finalised. I consulted the idea to my friends and guardians and they readily agreed,” said Roy.

For the idea to materialise, a small pandal was erected where it was written “Sandiper biyete rokter bondhone aboddho hobo amara shobai” (Let’s unite for blood donation at Sandip’s marriage).

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A total of 35 people donated blood on the occasion.

“This is a remarkable step. The couple deserves thanks and gratitude of the people. I am sure his example will prompt more youths to undertake similar gesture on the occasion of their marriage,” said blood donation activist and founder of Medical Bank in Kolkata, D Ashish.

The youth from Bengal, Sandip Roy is also a member of CPI(M)’s youth wing Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI).

It is heartening to see conscientious couples like Sandip and Sreela pondering over issues that concern the society. Not only this, they are also trying to address those issues in their own unique ways.  A great ideology to emulate!

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pic credits: HT