Being A Woman Entrepreneur In India

Jun 06, 2017 07:24 IST
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 ‘Start up’- It’s that one thing that has taken the world by storm. An interesting fact about start-ups is that they are dynamic and not restricted to any one field. In this day and age, when people want security and aren’t open to risks, being an entrepreneur is one gutsy move.


Unfortunately, women entrepreneurs are a rare breed. Along with risks, gender, becomes a hindrance. The first step is to get over gender bias. Women of the world, believe in yourself. You can do this. Shed off the last piece of doubt that you bear.

Being an Entrepreneur

After reading articles on women entrepreneurs and their struggle, I came to know several common issues. One particular issue kept cropping up - Money. The foundation of any business is money, and no matter how talented one is, one cannot get going without it. It was observed that women are not easily funded or venture capitalists were more hesitant while investing in them solely because they are females. Along with the fact that society’s mentality should change, we women should not give up hope. We must fight against these odds and keep trying till we get what we believe in.


Unfortunately, women entrepreneurs are a rare breed. Along with risks, gender, becomes a hindrance

A good way is to work in groups, find other women entrepreneurs who have faced similar difficulties and seek their guidance. There’s no harm in asking for help for that hardly makes one any less competent. Networking, in this aspect, can take your endeavour a long way.

Traditional gender expectations also play a role in disheartening women entrepreneurs. Despite the progress our society has achieved, one cannot deny that there’s still a huge population that believes that females should invest a lot of time in household activities, much more than their male counterparts. It is high time that women break these stereotypes and stop feeling guilty about spending less time in the house.


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In this male dominated field, comparison in the extreme can be detrimental. There’s a chance that your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, proposals may be dismissed. But realize that this happens with men too. When working on your project, forget that you’re a woman. Forget the prejudice, forget expectations. Just focus on what you desire. It’s alright to be ruthless, firm, aggressive. Do all those things that are needed to build your venture and make it flourish.

Yes, there will be bias. Yes, there will be failures. It’s high time to get rid of unnatural fears, accept the risks, own failed attempts and start the day with vigor. In the end, efforts will equate to success. When nobody cares about your gender once you’re successful, why give it a thought in the process?


Happy entrepreneur-ing!


Rudhdi Walawalkar, part of Safecity’s #WritersMovement, is a first year law student at ILS Law college, Pune. She reads, writes and paints as much as she eats and sleeps! I think it’s nice to have an opinion in a world where everyone wants to be politically correct. Passionate about women’s right, cats, dogs and pretty much everything under the sun. Oh! I always strive to be a better Gryffindor- where dwell the brave at heart.

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