Be Positive: Artist Puts Body-Shamers’ Comments On Dress

Jojo Oldham's dress helps women reclaim the power words had on her body

Whether you’re 17 or 35, all women feel disgusted hearing lewd comments on a busy street or being catcalled on their way back home each and everyday – over and over again. When eyes stare at you as if they are accusing you for having a sensual body or not (works both ways!) — some start feeling faulty and some try to take on the offenders.

Meet Jojo Oldham who faced similar body-shaming situations — both good and bad, which left a lasting impression on her. What she did next will give you a reason to stand up and say: Hey, my body is not your concern!

Oldham created a dress that holds all the nasty (oh well!) comments she has been tired of hearing about her body over the years.

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“I had 31 years worth of other people’s comments about my body swirling around my head and popping into it on a daily basis, and I wanted to do something positive with them,” said Oldham.

Having painted those words on a white dress, Oldham flaunted a beautiful smile on her face while posing for the pictures, letting others know that she will never allow those words taking the power over her.

“The love I have for my body these days is something I’ve had to learn. And it requires constant maintenance,” Oldham wrote on her website.

Oldham’s gesture makes it clear that she is above all these words that claimed to justify her body – these words don’t define her.

“The comments that made the final cut have all stuck with me for different reasons,” Oldham wrote. “Some because they’re really weird, some because they’re really lovely, some because they’re funny, and some because they’re particularly nasty and they really crushed me at the time.”

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Many of us go through similar problems and declare ourselves as victims. Oldham — through her creation — intends to nurture those feelings and make us believe in ourselves.

“Once I learned how to be happy with myself as I am, the negative things that other people said about my body just stopped mattering to me,” Oldham explained.

We agree that it’s every girl’s story. Such comments could either seriously harm us from inside or could make us stronger to defend what’s right. With that hope in mind, Oldham agrees that some can lose self confidence and thus her dress will help them undo some of that damage.

Jojo Oldham's dress helps women reclaim the power words had on her body

Pic Credit: Jojo Oldham/Lovely Jojo’s

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“We should all be able to celebrate and love ourselves without fear of criticism from others, whatever shape or size we are,” she wrote on her website.

She hopes to inspire women to embrace their bodies like she did. Because our bodies aren’t someone else’s to judge… we are so much more.

Way to go Jojo!

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Feature Image Credit: Lovelyjojos.com

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