BCCI Fines Hardik Pandya And KL Rahul Rs 20 Lakh Each For Their Sexist Remarks

Hardik Pandya, Koffee With Karan Controversies

“Aaj mai karke aaya hai!”  do you remember the words? Why not, Ofcourse! They were spoken by the Indian Cricketer Hardik Pandya, with immense Pride on the Indian Talk Show ‘Koffee With Karan’. Hardik Pandya was accompanied by another Indian Cricketer K L Rahul .The words were criticized by the entire nation and it also became the meme material for many. But amidst the entire scenario, Committee Of Administrators (CoA)  took the matter in hand and expelled both the cricketers from the Australia Tour for their sexist comments.

However, this Saturday, April 20, BCCI announced a fine of Rs. 20 Lakhs each on KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya. The Ombudsman noticed that they had already borne a loss of Rs 30 Lakhs when expelled from the Australia Tour.

Cricketers had been criticized by the entire nation, regarding their disgusting remarks on women.

The fine has to be submitted by the two cricket players within 4 weeks from today (April 20, 2019). “ If the amounts are not paid/ deposited by the players within the time granted (four weeks), the BCCI may deduct the said amounts from the match fees payable to the players and make the requisite deposits,” a signed report by the ombudsman D.K. Jain stated.

The Money To Be Used For The Widows Of Constables

The fine includes payment of Rs 1 lakh each to the most deserving widows of the ten paramilitary constables who died on duty. This, they said, will be done through the Bharat Ke Veer app.The other 10 lakh by each of them has to be submitted in the fund created by the Cricket Association For the blind. All payments strictly have to be made within 4 weeks of the order.

Both the cricketers had been criticized by the entire nation, regarding their disgusting remarks on women. However, both of them also rendered unconditional apologies for the same. Hence the ombudsman put forth that it will now be inappropriate to return a categorical finding.

The two players, have showed excellent performance in the ongoing IPL season. Therefore, this judgement is surely the biggest relief for them, at least for now. Ahead of the world cup, when India needs to polish the skill sets of its players, both of them can now concentrate solely on the game. The controversy that happened at the Koffee With Karan, undoubtedly, threatened to derail the promising careers of both of the players and we hope they have learnt a real lesson.

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Anushika Srivastava is an Intern with SheThePeople.TV