This Bareilly Teacher Enrolled 800 Specially-Abled Kids In School

Deepmala Pandey has been helming the noble initiative, changing the lives of specially-abled children, one student at a time.

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Bareilly Teacher Enrolled 800 Specially-Abled Kids In School
In a unique initiative planned for specially-abled kids, Deepmala Pandey - a teacher in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh - has helped enrol 800 specially-abled children in school. Pandey works at the Gangapur Primary School in Dabhaura village of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, and has been involving more teachers in her initiative to help specially-abled children get admission to schools.

This Bareilly teacher enrolled 800 specially-abled kids in school through her noble initiative, changing the lives of specially-abled children, one student at a time since 2018.

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'One Teacher, One Call' Movement

In the movement named 'One Teacher, One Call', Pandey asks every teacher to work towards getting at least one specially-abled child enrolled on a government school. Pandey believes her mission to help the specially-abled kids will involve help from fellow teachers as well as, being educators, they can help such children gain their right to education.


The campaign, which was launched in 2018, has more than 650 teachers on board now and has gained popularity in the region. Pandey, who was transferred to the Dabhaura village school in 2015, was inspired to helm the movement after she came across a specially-abled child with learning disabilities in 2018.

Striving towards inclusive education

Pandey's perspective toward learning and teaching changed with time and she has since put all her energy into making education possibilities happen for children with learning disabilities. She has been making massive use of digital platforms as well. She has been spreading awareness through social media, enabling parents and teachers to work towards helping specially-abled kids get the attention they deserve when it comes to their educational rights. Pandey's campaigns also include spreading rightful information around the fact that there are Central acts designed to help the enrollment of specially-abled students and that there is no reason why such children should be deprived of admission to schools.

There are already acts in place at a broader scale on a national level when it comes to supporting children with learning disabilities. The legislation is in motion for the CSWN children - Children With Special Needs. Falling in line with the 'Right of Persons with Disabilities Act, of 2016', the legislation features provisions for children to get enrolled in schools whether regular or special needs schools.

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