Barbie Doll Modelled After DJ Clara Amfo For International Women's Day

Every girl's first best friend, the Barbie is now breaking stereotypes and honouring women through their personalised Barbies. Check out the latest Barbie here-

Shriya Sarang
Mar 04, 2021 14:34 IST
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DJ Clara: Ahead of International Women's day on the 8th of March, Barbie has honoured DJ Cara Amfo by making a personalised doll that looks just like her.

Barbies have been setting role models for young girls since their childhood. And when these dolls look like the real role models in society, the youth is not just motivated to look good but do good. The initiative of Barbie is to close the "dream gap" and to celebrate female role models as part of its work.

DJ Clara Amfo has worked as the BBC Radio One DJ and former Strictly Come Dancing contestant. Further, she has been a vocal advocate for racial equality.  Amfo made a speech about anti-racism following the death of George Floyd in May 2020. This speech was widely praised and shared online. In fact, Amfo had also appeared on the cover of the September issue of British Vogue last year as one of 40 activists described as "The Faces of Hope".

Amfo, from Kingston upon Thames in London, said, "I have been lucky enough to experience some really special moments in my professional life and to say that I am honoured to be named a Barbie role model would be an understatement. "


"There is so much power in being able to see yourself reflected positively in the world as an adult and it's even more potent as a child. That power and the confidence that comes with it should only be protected and amplified. For me, having this doll represents the infinite possibility that I believe we all have a right to and my only wish is that it will do the same for anyone who sees her," she added.

Barbie and DJ Clara had also partnered in the making of the grassroots London project Milk Honey Bees. This project provides a platform for young black women and girls can take part in creative and one-to-one group projects

Similarly, on the International Day of Girl Child last year, Barbie had honoured the Indian para-badminton star Manasi Joshi. The Barbie that much resembles the player celebrates the special abilities and is inclusive of all.

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