Bengaluru Police File Chargesheet In Bangladeshi Woman Gangrape Video Case

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Bengaluru police have filed a chargesheet in the Bangladeshi woman gangrape video case, reports said Thursday. This development comes within five weeks of the crime coming to light, after a video of the woman being assaulted by multiple persons went viral in northeast India.

Police have said the chargesheet is over a thousand pages and was submitted July 6. City police commissioner Kamal Pant has praised law enforcement officers for speedy action in the case, saying those involved in the investigation will receive a reward of a lakh rupees.

“A reward of ₹1 Lakh has been sanctioned to the team for their remarkable work,” he tweeted.

12 arrests in the case that captured national attention in May have been made till now. Police have busted a sex trafficking ring that involved bringing girls from Bangladesh to India.

Bangladeshi Woman Gangrape Video: A Recap Of What Happened

In late May, a video went viral in Assam and other northeastern states, showing a young girl being attacked by five persons – one woman, rest men. At the time, it was believed the rape occurred in the east, owing to the geographical virality of the video, and authorities in the east took cognisance.

On May 27, Assam police flagged the issue, asking public help in tracking the unidentified accused. More here. The first set of arrests were made the same day, with six people being held (two women, four men). They were Bangladeshi nationals, police said, involved in trafficking. The gangrape incident had occurred in Bengaluru.

Two accused in the case had reportedly tried to escape arrest and were shot in the legs by Bengaluru police. Read more here. The survivor from Bangladesh had been missing and was traced to Kerala, brought back to Karnataka for giving her statement. She said she was an illegal migrant and those who assaulted her were her business partners in trafficking.