Bangladeshi Ad On Domestic Violence Goes Viral

Bangladeshi Ad

A Bangladeshi ad titled ‘Hair, the pride of a woman’, has gone viral because of the way it looks at the impact of domestic violence.

The ad was created to promote a domestic violence hotline called Jui. It shows a woman asking her hairdresser to cut her hair short. The woman asks her hairdresser to cut it shorter and shorter. The hairdresser asks her why she wants to cut such beautiful hair, but the woman insists on cutting it.

Finally, the hairdresser gives her a bob cut and assumes her job is done. The woman reaches out and pulls her own hair.

“Make it shorter. So that no one can hold it like this again,” she says.

According to a 2011 government survey, 65 per cent of married women in Bangladesh suffer domestic violence. The ad has been produced by a Bangaldeshi hair oil company that wants to encourage people to speak out against domestic violence.

The video has garnered over 6 million views on Facebook, with 1,900 comments, and 100,000 shares.

“Do you know how many women who face domestic violence report their cases? Not even 10%! For the sake of family honour and children’s future, women remain mum for years.. even in the ad she is only taking measures to avoid getting hurt but not complaining,” one user commented.

“Brilliant with an impact. Daughters are the most precious. Look after them and don’t let anyone insult them. Shield them with your love and strength to fight back,” said another user.

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