Back on court and training hard: PV Sindhu gets ready for the next tournament

Post the Olympics celebration, pv sindhu resumes practicing at Pullela Gopichand Academy.

Ria Das
Sep 23, 2016 08:35 IST
PV Sindhu defeated

The excitement and adulation post her Olympic silver medal over, it's time now for badminton ace PV Sindhu to get back to what makes her a winner-her training schedule. On Tuesday, the champion resumed her practice sessions in Hyderabad.


The Indian badminton player who trains in the Pullela Gopichand Academy, was back on court at 4.30 sharp, right on time, as she has been for the last ten years. Then under the care and sharp observation of Gopichand, Sindhu started her training session, continued for the next three hours, took only two 15 minutes' breaks.

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PV Sindhu’s dedication towards her practice sessions doesn't seem to have reduced one bit, in spite of her Olympic win. One of the sources from the court disclosed that during the practice hours, she did not pick up her phone even once, and did not attend to it even during the breaks. One of the academy assistant coaches, Balasubhramanium explained it to One India, "Some distinguished persons called her, probably with the purpose of inviting her as guests. But following advice from her sir Gopichand, the shuttler has decided to stop attending functions gradually." He added, "Now Sindhu has started the three-against-one training. It is a deadly practice and Gopi sir offers this specialised training only for the matured students in the academy.”


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Sindhu is currently undergoing a 'three-against-one' training, where one player stands against three players at a time on the opposite court. This special form of training will help Sindhu better her fitness levels and get better prepared as she starts her campaign at the Denmark Open in the coming month.

Feature Image Credit: The Indian Express

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