Cutest Thing: Meet The Baby Spa Founders, An Indian Sister Duo From Perth

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Baby Spa Perth

What's your de-stress mantra after a particularly taxing day? A day at the spa, isn't it? So how do you ensure your baby has a stress-free day? Take him/her to the baby spa. No kidding, babies need a spa treatment too! Why? Because after the task of eating, burping, crying, and pooping (a lot!) all day long, a baby deserves a warm bath. And, what could be a greater gift than having a good massage to take the edge off your baby?


This is exactly what occurred to sisters Anita Yap and Kavita Kumar, the two Indian co-founders of Baby Spa Perth, Australia, who wanted to provide their babies the best of it. So they started-up a special spa for newborns to keep them stressfree. Baby Spa Perth was launched in 2016.

Baby Spa Perth Anita Yap and Kavita Kumar, Founder of Baby Spa Perth

A haven for newborns and parents

“Baby Spa offers unique infant hydrotherapy sessions, baby massage and professional support in a peaceful and nurturing environment,” says Kavita in an exclusive chat with SheThePeople.TV, adding, “The spa is a haven for parents and newborns as young as two days old as they develop and become prepared for a lifetime of adventures in the water.”

The clientele ranges from infants to six months

Still not convinced about why babies need a spa? Look at it in this way… if after a taxing day, your baby goes to a spa, it would be a relief for the parents too, considering the smile it will bring to your baby's face. Don't let you baby get cranky, instead take him/her to a cheerful atmosphere where they will loosen up.


Baby Spa Perth


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Born to an Indian father who migrated to Australia and an Italian mother, Kavita and her sister Anita grew up in Perth, Western Australia. Their childhood, like most Australian children, revolved around going to the beach and they learnt to swim very early on.

Baby Spa Perth is Australia’s first bath and massage parlour exclusively for BABIES

How the idea took shape


When one day, Kavita and her husband took their son Nadal to Baby Spa in London (he was 4 days old), they witnessed how the experience had a calming effect on him.

“Talking to other new parents at Baby Spa in an open and non-judgemental space was really unique and I wanted to share this experience with other Australian families,” Kavita said.

Baby Spa Perth

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While explaining why Baby Spa Perth is so efficient when it comes to be THE best bath and massage parlour for babies, Kavita claimed that those are a good 10 to 15 minute sessions which will definitely bring a smile on parents’ faces after seeing what a stressbuster it was for their baby. “We focus on the full development of the baby,” says the co-founder.

Besides the spa treatment, it is helpful for your baby as it builds up stronger muscles and creates a better breathing flow apart from being fun-filled for the kids.


Baby Spa Perth

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How has the response been?

“The demand has been phenomenal, so really keeping up with requests for treatments is a bit of challenging now,” says Kavita.

Perth's world-famous quintuplets -- Ali, Beatrix, Keith, Penelope and Tiffany -- had also visited the spa, Kavita adds.

Baby Spa Perth

According to Kavita, “Mothers love the spa and it provides a very special bonding experience for them and their little ones.”

The spa offers a flotation device -- called the Bubby -- which makes the babies comfy and safe

Safety measures at the spa

In reply to our query about the safety measures at the spa, Kavita expressed, “The Bubby, a patented floatation device, has been developed by Baby Spa founder Laura Sevenus. The Bubby supports babies of up to 25 kg, while giving them the freedom to gently float and enjoy a range of movement they wouldn't otherwise experience. Baby Spa therapists all have a background in caring for neonates and infant massage. They also go through an internal training program to learn the techniques developed by our founder.”

Baby Spa Perth Nadal and Xavier, who both attended Baby Spa at 4 days old

Both the founders plan to assist the growth of the Baby Spa brand globally with founder Laura Sevenus.

“It has been a great adventure sharing this journey with my sister Anita and her family. Her son Xavier was born the week we launched Baby Spa Perth and attended his first Baby Spa session at four days old," says Kavita signing off.

Baby Spa Perth

Look at them kicking and floating around! Adorable, isn't it?

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