Baby Born On Jet Airways Flight Gets Free Tickets For Life

Air-Hostess Jumps Save Toddler

On Sunday (June 18), a baby boy was born on a Jet Airways flight enroute from Dammam in Saudi Arabia to Kochi. A pregnant woman went into premature labour shortly after the flight took off. The crew declared a medical emergency and diverted the flight to Mumbai. While over the Arabian sea, the crew asked if there was a doctor on board. There was no doctor out of the 162 passengers, however, a female nurse came forward and volunteered to help deliver the child.

The baby was delivered on board, and the mother and infant were rushed to hospital as soon as the flight landed in Mumbai. The plane then resumed its journey.

The airline has offered the child a free lifetime pass for all his travel on Jet Airways, said the airline in a statement.

If you are pregnant, you cannot fly after the 36th week of your pregnancy. Births on board are rare, but still happen.

Earlier this year, Nafi Diaby, flying on Turkish Airlines, from Guinea to Burkina Faso delivered a baby girl at 42,000 feet.

And last year, a baby who was born on Baraq Air, was also given a lifetime pass of free tickets.

British Airways told Telegraph that it has certainly had some births over the years.

Virgin Atlantic has seen two babies born aboard. The first was the birth of a baby girl, and her mother subsequently named her Virginia.

In May 2015, Ada Guan gave birth while flying from Calgary to Tokyo. Ada had no idea that she was pregnant. She had seen a doctor for gaining weight as she had taken a pregnancy test which had come out negative.

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Picture Credit: NDTV