Work-From-Home Jobs: Here Are The Pros And Cons

Charvi Kathuria
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Have you noticed that of late, "work-from-home" jobs have gained a lot of prominence? Do people give you strange looks when you explain them the nature of your 'work-from-home' job? The trend of working from the comforts of your home is slowly replacing the traditional workplace setup.


The concept of not going to a particular place and working sounds quite fascinating, but it does have some cons as well.

SheThePeople.Tv ran a social media campaign wherein we asked women to discuss the various pros and cons they face while working from home.


No time constraints

Pooja Nabh feels that the best part about working from home is that there's no time constraint in most of the jobs. One can work at any hour of the day and take a break whenever they want. This freedom helps them strike a better work-life balance.

Seeing your child grow up


Anshika feels that working from home works for her as she gets the time to see her child grow up as she can be there around her whenever she is needed.

Reschedule your day as per requirements

Writer Richa says that the best part would be that she can reschedule her day the way she chooses to. "This has opened up my world and my writing to discovering new books, writing for myself and even taking up projects I would have otherwise hesitated to," she says.

No commuting

Mads Sukalikar points out that working in pajamas is an added advantage. Moreover, coffee breaks can actually become short naps. Working from home doesn't involve any commuting.


She, however, also mentions that no one actually respects your work-time as, for them, you are always at home.


Managing household work

Kriti Jain reiterates that in Indian society, if you are working from home, that's your 'problem'. "You are still expected to do every single chore of the house without any change in routine. Above that, you "should" give out more of yourself as a home maker -- since you are "allowed" to work. Hence, to repay this gesture, you have to 'give up' more and more. And still you chose to work from home because you cannot go out for work," she shares.

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Limited interaction with professionals

Riddhi Khandelwal says that some problems like lack of professionalism, being taken for granted, limited and curbed learning and no minute-to-minute interaction with professionals make working from home a very bad idea.


Lack of respect for your work


Kusha Kalra, who works as a life-coach, offers the panacea to reap the maximum benefits of working from home to its fullest. She says that planning, organising, discipline and creating healthy boundaries is important while working from home. 

How has your experience been? Do you have any other valuable insights to offer? Share with us..
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