Delhi’s record as being the most unsafe city in India for women continues. Recently, an Assamese girl was molested while going back to her house by a gang of men on bikes.

Describing the incident which happened in the evening in a facebook post, the girl alleges that she was grabbed by her breast and pushed into a puddle of mud. The men who harassed her were on speeding bikes, and fled off the place immediately, laughing as they rode off.  What it made it worse for her was the fact that a group of girls who were standing close-by chose not to help her but mocked her instead.

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In the times of social media when letting your heart out is not a big deal, going to a nearby police station still seems to be a struggle. After the Nirbhaya gang rape case of 2012, the sensitivity towards rape and molestation has definitely increased, but such cases haven’t completely stopped or rather seen a dip.

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Whether it is the rape of toddlers like a four-year-old girl being raped in Delhi’s Mangolpuri area by an 11-year-old boy this month or a nine-year-old girl assaulted sexually by her neighbour in the Sarita Vihar area, these cases have not stopped pouring in. While the reporting of such incidents has increased by a large number, this only presents  Delhi in a bad light in the national scenario. While in 2012, 727 cases of rapes were reported, more than that has already been reported as of now in 2016.

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