Assam, Teacher Posts Intimate Picture with a Student Online

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In a shocking incident, a male teacher in Assam reportedly posted intimate photos online with a minor girl student. The pictures which have gone viral, show a blackboard in the background. The act therefore took place inside the school premises while the authorities did nothing. As people reported the pictures online incident has attracted a major attention and created a social media outrage.

The teacher who clicked these photos and leaked them online has been identified as Faizuddin Laskar. The local media reports him as a “repeat offender” with a “history of molestation charges”. He is from a small town  Katlicherra in Hailakandi district of Assam.

The local channel DY-365 said Faizuddin reportedly posted these pictures on the internet in the name of a fun photo shoot.


The images have been making rounds on various social media platforms since then. The channel further reported that in the past Faizuddin has been tackled by a mob for molesting a woman. When the angry mob had reportedly chopped off one of his fingers.

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After the pictures went viral the girl’s parents have reportedly filed a FIR against the teacher. Faizuddin has been pulled up for interrogation however, no news of his arrest has been confirmed by the Police.

This untoward incident brings several questions to the forefront. First of all, the failure of our system in keeping anti-social elements in check and providing proper security and safety to young children. Furthermore, the school authorities need to be more accountable. They have to answer how they slipped checking the background of a man before hiring him as a teacher? In addition to this the government has to enforce Cyber security laws as social platforms are being misused constantly.

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