SheThePeople.TV is proud to present the ‘ArtShe’ exhibition powered by The LOFT, Lower Parel, in Mumbai from 2-6 March.

The exhibition will be held as a pre-cursor to International Women’s day, and will showcase five talented upcoming female artists.

“Women artists are pushing boundaries. Many of them have done exceptional work to reflect challenges and the evolution of women and their lives. As part of our efforts to celebrate women’s day month, March – we are proud to host this curated exhibition of women artists, says SheThePeople.TV’s founder, Shaili Chopra.

Devika Swarup, illustrator Priyanka Paul, Tara Anand, Sarika Bajaj, and Suruchi Choksi will show their work at the exhibition.

“AMAA is very pleased to lend support to ARTSHE on the occasion of women’s day. Two women artists who work with us will be showing in this mini exhibition. The focus is on women’s work, ‘making’ so to speak, says Anupa Mehta, director of Anupa Mehta Arts & Advisory, and director of LOFT.

Devika Swarup is a Delhi-based visual artist who specialized in painting at the College of Art, New Delhi. She now works across the medium of drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and installation.

Art by Women In IndiaPriyanka Paul is an 18 year old illustrator and poet, whose work concentrates on social issues. Her online series on reimagining Indian goddesses went viral on social media.

“In a male-dominated world, we’re missing out on a whole different perspective and opportunity when women aren’t as often in the limelight for their expression, artistic or otherwise. Creativity is an innate ability to make the world a better place  and we can’t do that without the female mind,” she tells SheThePeople.TV

Tara Anand is also an 18 year old illustrator based in Bombay. Her art is influenced heavily by history, literature and her surroundings. She is known for her work on women warriors.

“I think giving women a platform to express themselves and make them understand that they can express themselves uncensored will reveal unimaginable potential and creativity that would otherwise have gone unnoticed,” she says.

Suruchi Choksi is a well-known multi-talented artist who works across various mediums, such as video, photography, installation art, sculpture and painting. She is self-taught and based in Mumbai.

Mumbai based Sarika Bajaj has had exhibitions all over the world.

“As women we have innate ability to be creative and offer it to many aspects of life. I believe we as a society must be more receptive to women by providing a supportive environment where creativity in any form is encouraged as it is a great way of self discovery,  expression and growth,” she tells SheThePeople.TV.

Mark your calendars, and don’t miss out on the show!