Arora Akanksha To Run For The Post Of UN Secretary-General

Arora Akanksha
Arora Akanksha: Arora Akanksha, an Indian-origin audit collector of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has decided to run for the post of Secretary-General of the United Nations.

She has also started the launch of her campaign which is called  #AroraForSG this month. She announced her latest move on her Twitter handle.

“People in my position aren’t supposed to stand up to the ones in charge. We are supposed to wait our turn, hop on the hamster wheel, go to work, keep our heads down and accept that the world is the way it is,” Akanksha said in a two-and-a-half-minute campaign video on YouTube.

In the video, Arora Akanksha can be seen walking in the UN headquarters. While doing so, she says that the UN hasn’t done much in terms of protecting refugees, delivering humanitarian aid, and stands behind in innovation. She stressed upon the fact that the United Nations needs to progress. Arora then added that she refuses to be a ‘by-stander’ if she becomes the Secretary-general.

Arora Akanksha might have to compete against Antonio Guterres

Antonio Guterres, the current UN secretary-general stated that he will be seeking for his second five-year term. His current term ends on 31 December 2021 and will begin on January 1, 2022.

It is interesting to note that no woman has ever become the secretary-general of the UN in its long history of 75 years.

Stephan Dujarric, a UN spokesperson said that the selection process of the General-secretary is run by the member states.

Brenden Varma, the spokesperson for UN General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir was asked whether Arora Akanksha had written to the President regarding her candidacy. Varma responded by saying that the presidential office hasn’t received any formal communication from her. Besides, he had stated earlier that no such applications have been received yet.

Recently, Indian economist Jayati Ghosh was recommended to be a part of the UN high-level advisory board. Read more about her here.