Frustrated that there are not enough emoticons to express all your moods? Now our everyday social media emotions –whether to express your humour or temper or any kind of feeling — are not trapped into one or two moods anymore. They are so much alive! Ask me how.

Apple just introduced a collection of new emoji characters (only available on iOS, macOS and watchOS later this year). These new format emoji have given a powerful position to women. You can have the luxury to using emoji of a woman donning headscarf and an empowering one of a woman breastfeeding.

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The news was unveiled on World Emoji Day (celebrated on July 17) and soon you will be able to express even more.

Apple made a strong statement and released a dozen new emoji, including a genie, T-rex, yoga master, zebra, elf and a zombie. One which is throwing up green vomit looks cute while the zombie is my favourite!

The emoji are Apple’s interpretation of 69 new symbols approved for this year.

The world seems to be moving towards gender neutrality. This new emoji series is proof of representing all genders. Where there is still a long battle for women’s equal rights, having emojis that are gender-neutral is definitely empowering. Amazing isn’t it?

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