Apple Plans To Launch Disabled-Friendly Emoji

Disabled-Friendly Emoji

There are enough emoticons to express all our moods now. Though this isn’t true for the disabled, the scene is set to change for the better. Apple has just announced a long-term plan of introducing new emojis to better represent people with disabilities, BBC reported.

These new format emoji will represent physical-challenged people and cater to their needs. They can have the luxury to using the emoji of a guide dog, a wheelchair user and prosthetic limbs. These are just some of the symbols suggested.

“Adding emoji emblematic to users’ life experiences helps foster a diverse culture that is inclusive of disability,” the statement added

To make the case neutral for everybody, Apple has already submitted a proposal to Unicode Consortium, the organisation which reviews requests for new emoji characters. The tech giant is unable to include these emojis in iOS and Mac OS until the Consortium adopts them.

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“Currently, emoji provide a wide range of options, but may not represent the experiences of those with disabilities. Diversifying the options available helps fill a significant gap and provides a more inclusive experience for all,” it reads.

Apple made a strong willingness to release a dozen new emoji, including a guide dog, man and woman walking with a cane, ear with a hearing aid, prosthetic leg etc.

The company said, “This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all possible depictions of disabilities, but to provide an initial starting point for greater representation for diversity within the emoji universe.”

This new emoji series is proof of representing all human beings and making it more disabled-friendly. Amazing isn’t it?

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Feature Image Credit: TechCrunch

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