Anushka, Malaika Lash Out At Bengaluru’s #NewYearHorror

Ria Das
Jan 07, 2017 07:09 IST
Protesters in Philippines Picture By: Asian Correspondent

Since the day Bangalore’s #NewYearHorror caught national headlines, social media platforms have been abuzz with people sharing their own or similar stories of sexual attack, molestation or eve-teasing. Women are angry, as are men (the real men!).


Recently, a heated remark came from actress Anushka Sharma who condemned the Bengaluru molestation, asking in a Twitter post “why did bystanders do nothing?” “Save your sons from becoming beasts,” an angry Anushka said.

Read her full post here:


Similarly, sharing an Instagram post with a plain black image, actress Malaika Arora has the same outrage to display. She was upset over the mass molestation of women in Bengaluru and is concerned over women's safety and victim-blaming.

Malaika Arora 1Malaika Arora 2Malaika Arora 3

Not only celebs, but we must all watch what this 22-year-old woman from Mangalore shared on Facebook, reciting a poem to show her anger.


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Read Satshya Anna Tharien Facebook post here:


There’s so much conversation about the Bengaluru mass molestation – ranging from the ridiculous statements by politicians to “Well what else can you expect from a drunk crowd?”.

It’s not just this incident – there’s been a wave of sexist statements that just don’t have a place today, in 2017. And the idea that these kind of ideas are still propagated makes me really mad. And when I’m angry, I write.

And so I wrote a poem”


woman from Mangalore

A debate about the Bengaluru mass molestation incident took another turn when the hashtag #NotAllMen became viral. A few men started off by saying that all men are not molesters. When an important issue was being raised, giving clear character certificate isn’t enough.

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We grieve because what happened there should never have happened. Just when we thought that India is increasingly moving towards sanity, some unruly people prove us wrong. When will women be really safe?

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Feature Image Credit: Asian Correspondent

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