Meet Anoushka Jolly, Defying Cyberbullying With Courage & Compassion

Meet Anoushka Jolly, a 15-year-old advocate against bullying. Her Kavach app supports youth worldwide facing mental health challenges, from cyberbullying to body-shaming, sparking a wave of positive change.

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With the ever-increasing expansion of the digital world and its immense influence, teenagers face a range of pernicious threats, including cyberbullying, mental health issues, racism, body shaming, depression, and addiction. Often, screens can become battlegrounds for these issues. However, the story of Anoushka Jolly, a remarkable 15-year-old, serves as a story of hope and inspiration. Her creation, the Kavach app, is a powerful shield against the torment of cyberbullying and offers support for those struggling with mental health issues.


Anoushka's journey started with her own struggles. At the tender age of nine, she was subjected to bullying because of her dark skin and curly hair. Her bullies demanded she tie their shoelaces and clean their plates. But here's where the story takes a different turn. Anoushka, supported by her parents, found the strength to stand up to her bullies. She did it gracefully, with a firm but polite refusal. The result? Her tormentors moved on, leaving her in peace.

Meet Kavach: A Digital Shield

Last week, Anoushka's own journey led her to create the Kavach app, a game-changing platform for children and teenagers worldwide. Kavach isn't just about combating bullying; it takes on a spectrum of issues, from cyberbullying and racism to body-shaming, depression, addiction, and family or relationship troubles.

The name "Kavach" itself signifies protection, and that's precisely what this app offers. One of the most remarkable features of Kavach is that children can use it anonymously to discuss the issues that affect their mental health. Anoushka understands the importance of providing a safe space for teens to express themselves, and the app is filled with self-help materials to help them combat self-doubt, loneliness, and friendship challenges.

She teamed up with a group of 15 teenagers from various countries, including India, Pakistan, and the United States. They collaborated during an online course on combatting cyberbullying, contributing their insights and experiences to shape the content of the app.

Broadening Horizons


But Anoushka's vision doesn't end with Kavach. She also launched a metaverse platform for students seeking therapy, recognising that mental health support should encompass a holistic approach. Her journey was made possible with the support of her entrepreneur father and her mother, who is an accountant. They believed in her mission and provided the necessary resources to bring it to life.

Leading the Anti-Bullying Movement

In 2018, Anoushka made history by becoming her school's first anti-bullying ambassador. She initiated an anti-bullying squad, giving students the platform to file complaints and seek help from counsellors. Four years later, Anoushka's impact soared when she won 500,000 Indian rupees (approximately $6,000) on a television reality show for entrepreneurs. She invested this prize money in developing, a web-based app dedicated solely to countering bullying and cyberbullying.

Today, more than 20,000 students have enrolled in a bullying awareness course offered on the app. Since 2018, Anoushka's work has touched the lives of over 2 million students across India, leaving an indelible mark in the fight against bullying.

Anoushka's incredible journey took yet another remarkable turn when she received a national award. This accolade has placed a responsibility on her shoulders to expand her vision beyond the social sphere.

The Cyberbullying Challenge


In India, cyberbullying is a mounting concern for children. A 2022 report by cybersecurity firm McAfee revealed alarming statistics. Over one-third of Indian children, a staggering 42%, have endured racially motivated cyberbullying, surpassing the global average of 28%. Additionally, India reported a disproportionately high rate of cyberbullying cases involving sexual harassment, standing at 30%, double the global average of 15%.

The surge in the use of social media has exposed children to the perils of cyberbullying, leading to elevated levels of stress and anxiety. A recent national survey uncovered that six out of every ten Indians aged nine to 17 spend more than three hours daily on social media or gaming platforms.

Anoushka Jolly's journey and the Kavach app serve as a ray of hope for those battling the darkness of bullying and cyberbullying. Her cause continues to uplift the spirits of the youth who deserve a brighter, bullying-free future.

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