Russian Soldier Who Won Beauty Pageant Fired From Duty Due To Alleged "Envy"

Khramtsova reportedly belongs to a family of uniformed men and women, with her parents having been in the Russian service. 

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Anna Khramtsova

Anna Khramtsova, a soldier in Russia's National Guard military force who won a beauty pageant last year, claims she has been fired from her post due to "envy" among colleagues. The 32-year-old, who is a mother of one, had won the controversial Russian National Guard beauty contest in 2019, beating over 1000 contestants. Following her win, Khramtsova says she was the object of "jealousy" for several of her female colleagues in Vladimir Putin's internal military unit, which she claims is the reason for her dismissal from the force. However, news reports suggest that she has reportedly been booted for posting a video that revealed her premises of work.


"I was fired because they needed it, I crossed… someone,” she was quoted saying to a media channel in New York Post. "After the contest I got more envy, they learned about my hobby, my sports, so they got ready to kick me out from the service. Now they have done it.”

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Anna Khramtsova's Controversial Video

The video, that allegedly led to her removal from the force, showed a disinfection operation and has now been taken down. On the claim that she was fired for the video, Khramtsova says, "The reason for my dismissal was trifling, filming an administrative building during disinfection in order to raise the spirits." The 32-year-old believes that pictures of her in the public - which showed her in bikinis embracing her "hobby" - were the cause of her removal.

A source from the services was quoted in The Sun saying, "Khramtsova showed the closed premises of the Russian Guard troops. It is unacceptable." Another spokesperson added, "Compliance with the conditions of service is mandatory for all personnel and implies the personal responsibility of the employee."

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Anna Khramtsova Alleges Sexism In The Workplace

Beauty pageant winner Khramtsova has also alleged being the target of "sexism" in the National Guard among co-employees. Her win, she said, was the reason for women "recoiling" at her sight. "Many women in the service even stopped greeting me," she claimed.

Post her 2019 beauty win, Khramtsova had opened up about facing "those old jokes about blondes in service, but I ignore them - and just serve stylishly." Khramtsova reportedly belongs to a family of uniformed men and women, with her parents having been in the Russian service.

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