Anju Bobby George alleges Kerala Sports Minister insulted her

Veteran sportsperson Anju Bobby George has accused the Kerala Sports Minister EP Jayarajan of insulting her.

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Anju Bobby George and EP Jayarajan

Former Indian athlete and Olympian Anju Bobby George, who now heads the Kerala Sports Council, has accused Kerala Sports Minister EP Jayarajan of threatening her and other members of the council. In her complaint to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on 9 June, she stated that the Kerala Sports Minister abused her for supporting an opposition party.


This altercation took place at a meeting between Jayarajan, who is the new sports minister under the Left Democratic Front, and the Kerala Sports Council on June 7.  "We thought he will ask us about the status of sports in Kerala. In the first meeting itself, the minister said 'you all are elected members by the previous ministry. So you all are other party members... All transfers and appointments you are doing are illegal'," the athlete stated as reported by India Times.

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Apparently, the minister had blocked all recent transfer orders issued by the Sports Council. When Anju took up this matter with him, that is what elicited the strong reaction from him. "We are not acting for any political party. Sports is our party. I am not a member of Congress, Communist (Party) or BJP," said Anju to India Times.

EP Jayarajan though has denied the charges, insisting that the athlete left happily after the meeting. Meanwhile, Anju Bobby George has taken the matter to the Chief Minister’s table. She told The News Minute, “When a minister is appointed as the Head of a Department, he should have some minimum knowledge about the working of the department.”

Interestingly, this is the second controversy Jayarajan has courted in recent times. He was extensively trolled on the social media after he described legendary boxing champion Mohammed Ali as a sportsman from Kerala during his death notice reference.

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