Om Birla’s Daughter Anjali Birla Responds To Trolls On IAS Backdoor Entry Allegation

UPSC topper Anjali Birla

Om Birla’s daughter Anjali Birla responded to trolls which claimed that she cleared the Civil Services Examination without actually attempting it. There were many social media posts which claimed that she passed the exam due to her father’s high position. Om Birla is currently the speaker of the lower house of the parliament, the Lok Sabha.

Anjali Birla was interviewed by NDTV on the matter. “There should be a law against trolling. We should trace people and make them accountable – those spreading fake news… Today I am a victim, tomorrow somebody else could be a victim,” she said.

“I was taken aback that I have to explain after giving an exam that I did study for it. But I feel it made me stronger because later on I would face such unfounded criticism even more in life. It made me mature as a person,” she added.

Facebook Post Makes False Claims About Anjali Birla

A post mocking her achievement was published on Facebook on January 7, 2021. The post had a long caption in Hindi which said that Anjali cracked the IAS exam in the first attempt because 90 seats are reserved for the use of powerful government officials. It also claimed that those very seats don’t go to the poor and hardworking candidates who are actually ‘deserving.’ However, the claim has been proven to be false. It was Anjali who busted the rumours on her Instagram handle. She had attached a screenshot of her exam merit list within the Instagram post.

“Rumours have always been fun to hear but I haven’t come across such a baseless, mindless criticism,” she said.

Anjali also claimed that she has always wanted to clear the examinations and started preparing for it a before it was conducted. She said that her elder sister who passed the Chartered Accountant exams was her ‘strongest pillar.’

Lastly, she said that she is excited to work in this field and said that she has ‘no aspirations’ for joining politics at the moment.