Anitha Kholay to Zoom at Asia-Pacific Rally

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Anitha Kholay to Zoom at Asia-Pacific Rally

This Bengaluru-based car rally driver will be the first to represent India at the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) in Johor, Malaysia, that starts on October 28.


Anitha Kholay has been a race and rally driver since 2003. She was Miss Bangalore 1998, and is also an actor, stylist and fashion designer. Kholay was declared the fastest woman rally driver in the country at previous events in Bengaluru. She says,“This is a stepping stone to aspire for greater heights, a milestone in my career," as reported by The Hindu.

The MRU Motorsports team in Malaysia is especially preparing a car for Kholay, a Proton NEO 1600 CC that will touch the speed of 120 miles per hour.

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Kholay's interest in rallying grew when she started out as a navigator at the age of 16. She says, “I started with two-wheelers, then enjoyed being a navigator, and then hopped on to full-time rallying and racing. I even love my drag racing, and the defined path in the autocross race!” (reported by The Hindu)

Her husband, Rupesh Kholay, has been her support system and encouraged her interest in the sport. She was on a hiatus when she had her kids, but got back on the track once she felt fit enough. Kholay was also the first woman to lead a national rally championship in 2003. With her experience, she has won nearly 50 medals and is elated to now be a part of the championship in Malaysia.

Speed seems to be her best friend. Kudos to such woman power!

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