More Allegations Against Andrew Tate, Served With Legal Papers For Assault And Rape

Former Kickboxer, Andrew Tate is held under house arrest in Romania for human trafficking and rape.

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Andrew Tate served with legal papers after four UK women accused him of sexual assault and rape. A British law firm in a statement announced that controversial influencer Andrew Tate is charged with some serious allegations against him.

Former Kickboxer, Andrew Tate is held under house arrest in Romania for human trafficking and rape. While lawyers of a British law firm McCue Jury and Partners have accused Tate of some more allegations by women for violent rapes, serious physical assaults, and coercive behaviour.

Andrew Tate Served With Legal Papers

The survivors have put Tate on notice and the letter was delivered to the place of house arrest in Bucharest, Romania. Depending on Tate's response proceedings would be initiated in a High Court in London, a spokesperson from the law firm informed.

The women are now in their late twenties and early thirties and say the allegations are from the incidents that took place back in 2013-2016 when the accused was in the UK. While Tate denies the veracity of accusations against him. The offence will lead Tate to at least 10 years of imprisonment.

These allegations have mounted to the severity of charges against Tate and his brother Tristan. Chicago-based former kickboxer Andrew Tate (36) and his brother Tristan (34) were arrested last year and put under house arrest by Romanian police for several organized crimes, rape charges, and exploiting women. Giving Romanian police to investigate more against the accused. The brothers also have allegations against them for trafficking, recruiting, and exploiting women by forcing them into pornographic acts to produce and publicise these clips and videos. 

While Tate denies all the allegations he is charged with saying he is "absolutely and utterly sure" that he is innocent of all the crimes levelled at him, Tate said in an interview with a BBC journalist.


Kickboxer turned controversial social media influencer after the detention, Tate is amongst the most popular social media influencer where he gives tips to young men and others on "how to be sigma male" by giving divisive views on misogyny, or even on violent maxims. Tate is one of the world's best-known influencers with currently 1.3 million followers on Twitter.  

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