Inspiring! Andhra Girl Who Escaped Child Marriage, Tops Intermediate Exams

Hailing from a small town in Kurnool district's Adoni mandal, Nirmala was burdened by poverty and the pressure of child marriage. But her aspirations to pursue education were so strong that she defied all odds

Rudrani Gupta
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Amidst the darkness that patriarchy has created in women's lives, some rule breakers become rays of hope. They not only empower themselves but set examples for other women to walk on the path of independence. S. Nirmala, a girl student from Andhra Pradesh, is one of them. Hailing from a small town Pedda Harivanam in Kurnool district's Adoni mandal, Nirmala was burdened by poverty and the pressure of child marriage. But her aspirations to pursue education were so strong that she defied all odds. Today she is making headlines for being a topper in the intermediate examination of this year in Andhra Pradesh. 


As per reports, Nirmala scored 421 marks out of 440 to become a topper in the intermediate board examination. In 2023, she passed her SSC exams with a commendable score of 537. Nirmala aspires to become an IPS officer with the goal of abolishing child marriage and encouraging girls like her to pursue their dreams. But the life of rule breakers is not that easy. It is filled with challenges that are not only economic but also gendered.

Challenges that Nirmala overcame 

Nirmala's parents who were reeling under poverty planned to put an end to Nirmala's education after SSC and get her married. They had already married off three other girl children. They tried to convince Nirmala to quit education by saying that they could no longer afford her education. Since there was no junior college near by, the parents said that it would be even more difficult to support her. 

But Nirmala was adamant about pursuing higher studies. So she reached out to local YSRCP legislator Y Saiprasad Reddy during his "Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam" programme last year. She requested him to help and support her in pursuing her education. 

Moved by the plight of Nirmala, Reddy approached district collector G Srujana and narrated the situation. The collector then rescued Nirmala from child marriage. The district administration got Nirmala admitted to Kasturba Gandhi Balikala Vidyalaya at Aspari which became the launchpad of Nirmala's success. 

Reddy spoke to the reporters and said that Nirmala's success story is proof of how Andhra Pradesh's Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's government is working towards empowering women. 


Why Nirmala is an inspiration for all the women in India

Nirmala's story is truly an inspiration for many girls in India who are facing injustice in the form of rape, child marriage and even murder. Her hold onto her dreams and her determination leveraged her efforts to fulfil her dreams. Her larger goal of becoming an IPS officer who dismantles the plight of girls in India is truly appreciable. This is what we gain if even one woman is empowered. 

Moreover, her knowledge about her rights which made her approach politicians for help is worth noticing too. Our country has many laws that support women's empowerment and abolish crimes like child marriage. But people don't care about laws and consider them inferior to traditions. But Nirmala proved how laws and government act as a weapon for empowerment. When laws and leaders realise their responsibilities and come into action, injustice won't survive.

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