Ananya Bhattacharya Shares her Harrowing Account of Travelling in a Uber Cab

Uber Safety Report

It seems that the fear of one’s safety will never stop looming large in the minds of women daring to step out in the Delhi-NCR after dusk.

Despite being Asia’s third-largest economy, New Delhi cuts a sorry figure when it comes to making public places safe for its women. A string of tweets narrating author Ananya Bhattacharya’s ordeal after taking a Uber cab from a friend’s place to her home exposes the abysmal state of women’s safety in the city.

Did this send a chill down your spine?

Ananya’s tweets garnered a lot of response from people who criticised the company for belittling women customer’s safety.

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What happened with Ananya isn’t a stray incident. On Sunday, another Uber driver offered to drive home a mentally ill woman, sodomised her and beat her when she resisted the sexual abuse.

In March this year, a resident of Mehrauli had shared a similar experience of the company ignoring her complaint against the Uber driver trying to harass her.

Such incidents leave a big question mark on the accountability of big companies like Uber dedicated to making travelling hassle-free for its customers. Besides that, they also curb women’s freedom to move around freely without worrying about what might happen to them next.

SheThePeople.TV contacted Uber India to know their response on the same. Their response is awaited.

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Image credits: NDTV