Kochi Hospital Asked To Stop Sex-Reassignment Surgeries After Trans Activist’s Death

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Anannyah Kumari Alex Sex Reassignment Surgery: The transgender activist was found dead on July 20 in her apartment in Kochi, few days after she accused her doctor who carried out her sex reassignment surgery of negligence. “I’m a victim of gross medical negligence,” she said. Kerala police have asked the  Kochi hospital in question to stop such surgeries.

Alex was the first from her community to become a Radio Jockey and was the first transgender person to have filed nomination papers for the Kerala Assembly Elections which was carried out in April this year. However, Alex drew her name back one day before the polling due to her party’s lack of cooperation in her campaigning.

On July 21, Health Minister Veena George ordered a probe into Alex’s death.

According to a report by The News Minute, George said, “A transgender organisation had also given complaint regarding this. An expert committee will be formed to study issues related to sex reassignment surgery”

Anannyah Kumari Alex Sex Reassignment Surgery

According to reports, Alex recently raised allegations against the doctor and the private hospital that conducted her sex reassignment surgery (SRS). She said, “I’m a victim of gross medical negligence.”

The report added, “I’m a victim of gross medical negligence. My private part looks like a piece of meat, it has no resemblance to a vagina. I want to conduct another surgery,” adding that she wants justice.

Alex underwent the surgery last year in June and stated that she was facing serious health issues ever since. She added that she was unable to work due to severe pain even after a whole year of the surgery.

According to a complaint lodged by a Queer organisation Queerythm, concerning the death of the activist, the hospital performed several other such surgeries without following proper procedure and only aiming at financial gain, asking the police to stop SRS surgeries at the hospital until further instructions.

The accused medical practitioner who performed that SRS was identified as Arjun Asokan and the complaint asked for legal actions taken against him as well as the hospital after finding out the lapses they made.

The said organisation called for a protest outside the Renai Medicity on June 21, demanding justice for Alex.

What Is Sex Reassignment Surgery?

It is a process of reshaping the male genitals into the form and appearance of female genitals.

Also known as gender affirmation surgery, the process involves hormonal therapies as well, in order to undergo facial hair removal, facial surgery, breast augmentation and various other procedures.

Reportedly, SRS can be performed either by professionals or under professional supervision and needs a compatibility report that confirms whether the person’s body will be compatible with the hormonal changes.

What Are The Risks Of Sex Affirmation Surgeries?

According to a report by Healthline, there are always risks associated with surgery, however, vaginoplasty complications are comparatively rare.